About Me



Follow your passion were not words that a young woman in my Italian American family ever heard let alone even thought of herself. It was basically a very simple philosophy; get married, have children and a husband would take care of all the other details. That was just the way it was at that time. My family did the best they could. They loved us and communicated this message with the best of intentions. So when I found myself divorced and a single mother it was a shock, no one including myself knew what to make of it. I reacted exactly the way I was brought up to. I felt like a failure. I was afraid and fearful of my future.One day a couple of months into this grieving process a thought began to form in my mind. I began to realize I had a choice. I could be a victim, or I could chose to believe in myself. Shortly after that a friend helped me get a very good job in the finacial services industry. Graditude and relief flooded my whole world I would now have a means in which to provide a decent life for my son. I didn't realize it at the time but my change in perception is what helped me get that job. I built a successful career there but after about 10 years I knew this was not what I truly wanted to do with my life. I fell into the idea of massage therapy in what seemed to be a roundabout way though now I see it wasn't roundabout at all. In my first few days of school all the pieces fell into place and I knew I was exactly where I belonged.

My name is Gina Marie Caruso and I chose to leave my first career in the financial services industry, although for many years I enjoyed my job, I began to feel a need to contribute to life in a deeper way. Becoming a massage therapist working with and listening carefully to people, being able to significantly help them to feel better, at first I felt could be my small way of making the world a better place. After doing this for a few years when I see the relieved and smiling faces leave my office, I lately think maybe my chosen path is not so small.

My goal is to help each of my clients achieve the level of well-being they are searching for. Whether it be stress relief, pain relief, pain management or simply just to relax and feel better able to cope with life’s
daily struggles; or better yet to learn how to extract and see the moments of beauty in life’s daily joys. I am passionate about what I do and equally as passionate and grateful to work with people in such a meaningful way. It is my great pleasure to work with each and every individual who chooses to work with me. And my greatest privilege to be able to help someone take the negative and learn how to transform it to a positive.

Gina Marie Caruso is a graduate of The New York College of Health Professions and is a Licensed Massage Therapist. She is currently pursuing her Health Coaching certification at The Institute For Intergrative Nutrition. Gina completed her certification in Pediatric Massage studying under international/master teacher Tina Allen creator of the Liddle Kidz Foundation. And she is also a certified Reiki Master.