There are many paths to peace, balance and pain free living. We are dedicated to helping you find them...

Welcome to Synergy in Balance Therapuetic Massage!

At Synergy in Balance we have created a space that you can come to and simply unwind and relax. A place that we feel is so needed for all and a place that our fast paced world so often seems to discourage. Peace of mind, relaxation a sense of well-being... a release of stress. This release applies to pain as well. Whether chronic, accident-injury-sport related or just an aching back, neck and shoulders from work related sources we can help.

 Experts now estimated that 80-90% of disease is stress related. This ground breaking information validates what so many of us in this field already knew. With this powerful knowledge the value of regular massage is also at long last validated. Not only looked at as a luxury anymore but thanks to well documented scientific research massage therapy is being accepted as a valid therapy for pain and stress. Similar to working out at a gym massage is another way of  maintaining health and wellness and should not be only utilized on a vacation or special occasion but it can and should be a part of our overall regular preventive health routines.

At Synergy in Balance we are truly dedicated to working with women, children and families to help them balance life better and live above the standards that are now common in our society. In addition we are commited to educating the public on the many real and valuable benefits of massage therapy. We are honored to have you join us and our community to make this world a happier, healthier and more peaceful place.


2 Locations - Rockville Centre